Legal Requirements : Bermuda

Bermuda Marriage License Information

1) Forms must be typed or block printed in capital letters. Forms need to have parties’ full names, home addresses, birthdates and occupations and marital status (ie: single, widowed or divorced) age at time of application and not the wedding date.
2) Forms must be signed by one member of the couple and a signature at the bottom of the form of the person giving notice.
3) Royal Ocean Events will need to receive the “Notice of Intended Marriage” form 60 days in advance prior to sailing date *Please see bottom of page for sending information*
4) Royal Ocean Events must receive any and all additional required documents of final “death certificates” and “divorce decrees” before being sent to Bermuda. *Please see bottom of page for sending information*

Previous Marriage or Death:
1) Have you been married before? If so, please send us a copy of the emailed or faxed copy of the “final divorce decree”.
2) Have you had death of a spouse? If so, please send us a copy of the emailed or faxed copy of the “death certificate”.
If either of the above (divorce or death) applies, and the final certificates are in a different language other than English, it will need to be
translated and notarized before being sent.
Age requirements:
If the age changes after the applications filled out but before the wedding date, the ship would fill in the correct age on their paper work before
sending back to Bermuda. Each person must be 18 years old, if 16 & 17 years old – require a notarized note from parent. Anyone under 16 years of age will not be permitted to marry.

Incorrect Information:
If forms have incorrect information, the couple would need a notarized affidavit and resend to Bermuda.
Additional fee will cost $20.00 and a new certificate will be required for a cost of $30.00.
Additional copies:
Additional Marriage Certificates can be requested for a $50.00 charge.
Sending Information:
Please scan and email a copy of the “Notice of Intended Marriage document”
Or Fax to 1-778-434-3557