Legal Requirements : Florida

Couples must apply in person for the marriage license in the State of Florida. License will be valid for 60 days. For non-Florida residents, Royal Ocean Events can assist you in obtaining a Florida marriage license. Couples will be providing information to fill an online pre-application. In addition, couples will complete the pre-application worksheet, and provide color copies of their identification (valid driver’s license or passport). The license will be mailed to the couple who will take it to a local Notary Public to be notarized. Once the license is notarized, this will be sent back to the administrator in Florida. The administrator will complete the application process and provide your marriage license to the wedding team who will bring it on the day of. The marriage license fee is $93.50. In addition, a fee of $60.00 (US applicants), $75.00 (Canadian applicants), or $100.00 (International applicants) will be added to your invoice for the processing fees.