Legal Requirements : Greece

Royal Ocean Events perform weddings in Santorini, Greece only at this time. An Affidavit of Single Status Form must be filled out and stamped from the registrar’s Notary Office. In addition, couple’s will have to provide the following documents at least eight weeks prior to sailing:

– Full Birth Certificates (with both parents names inside) with Apostille stamp
– Single Status Letter or Letter of No Impediment (one for each person) with an Apostille stamp on each (this is the one they performed the search for 5 years previous for both of you)
– Marriage License with Apostille that is valid for a wedding outside the state
– Clear photocopies of both passports
– Divorce decree’s (if previously married)

It is really important to make sure all of the documents are completed properly and everything is clear. We want to ensure that when we send it over to Greece to get approved that there will be no issues.