Legal Requirements : Bahamas

Marriage License Instructions for Nassau, Bahamas

In order to obtain a marriage license to be married in Nassau, your wedding coordinator will send you a Marriage Application Form in which you will fill out the first page only. The second page will be completed on the day of your wedding with your licensing coordinator. Accompanying this license form, you must have clear and colored copies of your passports (if you do not have a passport, a clear colored copy of your driver’s license with your birth certificate will be fine). You will also need to provide any applicable documents from a previous marriage such as certified divorce decree or certified death certificate.

Please scan and email these documents to your assigned wedding coordinators so they can review these to ensure all appears to be correct.

**Do NOT send us your originals as you will need to present them to our Licensing Coordinator on the day of your wedding**

Please take note of the following:
 Your ship must be sailing for a continuous 24 Hours in Bahamian Waters before a legal marriage can take place. Please confirm this with Royal Ocean Events prior to booking your wedding.

If you reside outside of Canada or the US you may require an Apostile stamp to register your marriage at home. There is an additional fee for this of $20.00 that is due 30 days before your wedding. Please advise your Royal Ocean Events coordinator if you would like this arranged.

On your wedding day, you must bring your passports and original or certified copies of divorce decrees or death certificates (if applicable) you have (you will not get these back).