Legal Requirements : St. Thomas

Royal Ocean Events can assist you in obtaining a marriage license in St. Thomas. The cost of the license is $300, including the court fee and processing fee. The bride and groom must personally appear at the court to sign for the marriage license. The court will open on weekends and some holidays for an additional $150.00. The couple will receive information on how to apply for the marriage license from their wedding planner. There are two forms enclosed – an Application for Marriage License and a License and Certificate of Marriage. Forms that do not comply with the instructions will not be accepted by the Superior Court.

– If either applicant has had a prior marriage the courts require a Certified copy of the Divorce decree. This must be the complete decree and have a Raised Seal and a judge’s signature. (This can be obtained by contacting the court that issued the divorce). Please Note: The decree must be a Certified copy (not notarized) with a raised seal.
– If either applicant has been widowed, a Certified copy of the death certificate must be attached.
– No Physical examination or blood test is required.

Couples will have to send the application and supporting documents by FedEx to their wedding planner, with the payment for the license. Please note the Court will not accept International money orders from a post office – must be from a bank. PLEASE NOTE THE COURTS WILL ONLY ACCEPT US MONEY ORDERS. If you are from outside the US you will need to get the money orders from a recognized bank only and they must be in US funds.