Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I need to book a wedding?
A. We require a minimum of 60 days to book a wedding.

Q. What do I need to book the wedding?
A. You need to have your cruise booked first before you can book a wedding. Once the cruise has been booked and the wedding date availability has been confirmed, couples would complete a form and provide payment of the wedding package.

Q. Do you take deposits?
A. The wedding package amount is due in full to secure your wedding date. That acts as the deposit. Thereafter, any items you plan to add (such as a reception) can be paid for before the wedding. For more information, please contact us directly.

Q. Do the Bride and Groom have to sail on the cruise to get married on the ship?
A. Yes, the bride and groom must sail on the cruise in order to have a ceremony with the cruise line.

Q. Can you arrange the cruise for our wedding guests too?
A. No, we only arrange the weddings for the cruise lines. For the cruise, you can contact the cruise line directly, or contact a travel agency.

Q. Can we be married while the ship is at sea?
A. Yes, couples can be married at sea. There are legal and symbolic (not legal) options available at sea.

Q. We would like a religious ceremony – can this be arranged?
A. All ceremonies are performed by non-denominational marriage officiants and are civil services. We can offer religious ceremonies at certain ports upon request, and depending on the availability.

Q. Can we bring our own marriage officiant?
A. Couples can bring their own marriage officiant, however due to legality reasons, a back-up marriage officiant will still be provided. For more information, please contact us directly.

Q. Where do we obtain our marriage license?
A. Couples must obtain their marriage license from the appropriate government office in the port where they are to be married. Royal Ocean Events will assist in this process.

Q. Can we have guests at our wedding that are not sailing on the cruise ship?
A. Couples are permitted to have sailing and non–sailing guests attend their wedding. For more information, please contact us directly.

Q. How do we ensure our guests can board the ship for the wedding?
A. Couples must supply Royal Ocean Events with a list of full names of all guests, birth dates, and with driver’s licences or passports, no later than 60 days before the wedding date.

Q. What do our guests need to bring to board the ship?
A. All guests must present picture ID to security to board the ship. It must be the same ID that was provided to the couple. The ID will be exchanged for a ship pass. Guests will receive their ID back once they leave the ship.

Q. May our guests bring presents to the wedding?
A. Due to customs regulations, no wedding gifts can be brought onboard the ship.

Q. What should I put on my invitations?
A. Upon booking a wedding, Royal Ocean Events will provide information that should be included with wedding invitations. Invitations should include a RSVP deadline, as well as the information required for them to board the ship. For more information, please contact us directly.

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